11 Tremendous Netflix Christmas Movies to Watch Now

Netflix Brings Us A Night to Binge-Watch with the Family This Holiday Season. Grab the egg nog and remote control, this is the Top 11 Netflix Christmas Movies

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Starting with DVD rental services by mail to producing their own ‘Netflix Originals’. In such a relatively short period we’ve witnessed Netflix become one of the world’s premier entertainment and content producers. And with the recent ‘Netflix Party’ addition, the company has no plans to slow down expanding to new heights.

Starting their original content schedule with political drama House of Cards, much exciting, unique and varied programming has flooded from the streaming service. Including their much desired festive content gifts for the Christmas season – some that make regular studios’ efforts look worthless.

For you, we have 11 Netflix Christmas movies you owe to yourself to watch over the holidays. These three pics below give an inkling to how much we found in Netflix back catalogue that are definitely worth thinking about for your Holiday screening season. Sadly, we didn’t have the space for them in our line-up:

Christmas planner/devotee Leslie Major and businessman Edmund James, aiming to end the usual Chesterton Christmas tradition form an unlikely encounter when Leslie uses all her charm on him for love in You Can’t Fight Christmas (2017).

Pamela Anderson, Ted Lange, Jon Lovitz, and Scott Thompson – among others – join Russell Peters in his ‘Netflix Special’, A Russell Peters Christmas Special (2011).

Michael Shannon plays beloved local shopkeeper mistaken for mythical Bigfoot during a drunken escapade in his impromptu gorilla costume in Pottersville (2017).

Ready to see what you’re missing out on this Christmas on Netflix? Stick around, marvel and get excited for the season with our Best 11 Netflix Christmas Movies we’ve assembled for you and your nearest and dearest to enjoy. Or if you’re looking for something scary, read our Bone Chilling 11 Best Christmas Horror Movies of All-time.

Joy to the holidays, see our Christmas Movies here.

11. The Holiday Calendar (2018)

Skillful yet struggling photographer Abby Reilly obtains an obscure antique – an advent calendar that provides its possessor with the ability to see into the future. Now Abby has it, will this miraculous almanac lead her to one of her top Christmas wishes this year’s season? Romance?

Beginning in April 2018, most of the production for The Holiday Calendar took place in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario in Canada. Though the film takes place over here, we won’t hold that against the filmmakers. They make up for it by producing a perfectly serviceable Holiday film full of fun for all ages.

FUN FACT: Kat Graham as Abby Reilly names her grandfather “Grams”. Her character in the Vampire Diaries, Bonnie Bennett, refers to her grandmother by the same adoring nickname.

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10. Let It Snow (2019)

A multi-star cast of ex-child actors graduating to adulthood lead this charming adaptation. From the popular YA fix-up novel as a start point, Let It Snow follows loosely weaved events linking mid-western high school kids dealing with haphazard friendships, love frictions, and last-minute party planning on Christmas Eve – plus the snowstorm that ravages their small town out of sight.

Released last year, Let it Snow is a recent Netflix holiday surprise. Most widespread ‘Christmas-themed’ movies pump audiences with humor to hide a lacking storyline. Let it Snow, though not a re-inventor, manages to blend topical subjects relatable to teens – LGBTQ matters, Romance, Pop Culture – with festive humor and theatrics into a delightful experience suitable for family viewing. The events in Let it Snow eventually bring the main characters together. We’re sure they’ll bring your family together over the holidays.

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9. A Christmas Prince (2017)

Starring iZombie’s Rose McIver – whose character shares the same surname. Shrewd Marketing? Or lazy writing? Hhhhhhmmmmm. A Christmas Prince trails aspiring US journalist, Amber Moore (McIver) sent undercover to tutor playboy prince, Richard of Aldovia, for a special upcoming magazine exclusive. Amber’s convictions during her ruse grow complex as she fixates on Prince Richard’s family line – and finds herself falling for his playboy charms. Can Amber handle her feelings, stay determined, or will she drop the charade and come clean?

A Christmas Prince has roused Netflix audiences since its November release in 2017. Ratings were so high, Netflix prepared a few sequels for adoring fans. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding in 2018 and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby in 2019 equal pass the same rating charts for younger and older princesses alike.

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8. Holiday in the Wild (2019)

Holiday in the Wild is another holiday treat fresh off Netflix’ index. Starring Kristin Davis as lovelorn divorcée, Kate as she leaves for vacation on safari in Zambia. When she arrives, Kate finds animal conservationist, Derek (Rob Lowe), for company during the Holidays – and learning more about bushcraft among the endangered animals, in the Wild.

Holiday in the Wild is a film Kristin Davis was made for. Due to her participation in animal conservation projects, the production team at Netflix we’re very keen for Kristin in the lead role. Committed to endorsing elephant conservation, Kristin worked with Netflix producers to guarantee the safe and ethical use of elephants during production – so much so Holiday in the Wild remained in pre-production for four years.

Holiday in the Wild doesn’t set its aims so high while offering a slight deviation in rom-com territory. Fortunately, it succeeds in warming hearts and stirring emotions long enough for people to stick it through to the end. Unlike many others before it.

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7. Christmas Inheritance (2017)

An earlier holiday special from Holiday in the Wild dir. Ernie Barbarash and one of the first to start the trend of “Netflix Original” Christmas movies. To succeed as head of the family firm, determined businesswoman Ellen Langford must take up her father’s challenge: visit his hometown she never visited, Snow Falls, and deliver a secret Festive card to his ex-business partner – under the radar, by bus, with just $100 for emergencies. After a harsh snowstorm traps Ellen in the town inn on arrival, she has no choice but to stay.

Will humble jobs to earn her keep, meeting with locals, or a possible romance with a local artist school Ellen in life’s simple pleasures and joys of the Holiday season? Christmas Inheritance As many modern Christmas films reminisce on Dickens famed parable ‘A Christmas Carol’, Christmas Inheritance certainly follows suit. Most hide it as their ‘guilty pleasure’ flick, for getting in the Christmas vibe. We recommend viewing it with a winter warming cup of cocoa in your favorite slippers next to the fire.

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6. Anna and the Apocalypse (2018)

Described by fans as “Shaun of the Dead meets La La Land”. We thought the same about this intriguing little zombie musical: The sudden zombie apocalypse breaking down society at large eventually places the rustic Scottish town, Little Haven in crisis – just in time for Christmas. No relief or support seems to be coming from nearby townships. Forced to defend themselves alone, high-school senior Anna Shepherd, her friends, and a few teachers must pull every trick to sing, sever and bash their way to freedom against the walking dead.

Originally, the intro scene was plotted as a musical opening. Santa, drunkenly swaying through Little Haven with spectators singing “what a time to be alive” just before the zombie virus breakout. The filmmakers had to cancel at the last minute due to poor weather and budget strains. Nonetheless, dir. John McPhail and writers Alan McDonald and Ryan McHenry managed to break from standard Holiday tropes and assemble a freakish genre crossover that will keep your eyes peeled.

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Watch-BoJack Horseman Christmas Special Sabrinas Christmas Wish-Netflix_Christmas_Movies_Free_Online_HD_at_Homestream_Youtube_HBO_Reddit
5. BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina’s Christmas Wish (2014)

Yes. For every uncaring hipster. And their ironic followers. Back in 2014, BoJack Horseman showrunner Raphael Bob Waksberg released a Christmas special – ‘Sabrina’s Christmas Wish’, the title of a Horsin’ Around Christmas episode BoJack is watching with slacker house buddy Todd to get in the festive mood. Bojack’s adopted child, the namesake Sabrina appearing in Horsin’ Around asks Santa to make her wish come true – to make her parents come back to life. When the Christmas special ends, Todd can’t surmise the conclusion. With not much else to do, feeling doubtful, BoJack recommends they both watch Horsin’ Arounds eight other festive specials.

Sabrina’s Christmas Wish may seem more for fans of the regular show. But the show’s staple storyline is easy to pick up from the get-go for irregular audiences. Since it’s a big drift away from usual Christmas entertainment trickery, we found it an enjoyable off-beat alternative that non-fans will surely appreciate too.

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4. A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

A Very Murray Christmas receiving 2 Primetime Emmy nominations, Sofia Coppola as the director and a multi-comedic star cast was a good enough reference for us. This Netflix musical special stars Bill Murray as himself concerned about the turn out for his new TV show at the Carlyle Hotel thanks to the awful snowstorm effectively grinding New York City to a standstill.

Murray co-wrote the film with Coppola and Mitch Glazer. Time well spent as this meta-comedy special concocts an enticing recipe. Unquestionably, A Very Murray Christmas employs typical customs you’d expect from a Christmas caper: festive-themed songs, guest stars (Chris Rock, George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Miley Cyrus), etc… However, Murray, Coppola, and Glazer avoid a tawdry tasteless display and keep control of their show. One that is certain to be a future Netflix holiday classic.

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3. The Princess Switch (2018)

Vanessa Hudges stars as Stacy De Novo, a skilled Chicago-native baker. Advised to take a trip to the Kingdom of Belgravia for the Royal Christmas Baking Contest, on arrival, Stacy lands herself in a peculiar situation she never would guess – she finds her doppelgänger, Lady Margaret Delacourt. Lady Margaret wants nothing more than a ‘normal life’ and pleads with Stacy to switch places before her marriage to the Crown Prince. What’s a girl to do?

Though this rom-coms idea of two identical people crossing paths then switching places to deceive people lends itself from Mark Twain novel, The Prince and the Pauper, we found the piano playing party scene, Stacy and Olivia’s long handshake, and Lady Magaret explaining her family tree with board and pointer take their due from 1998 comedy-adventure remake, The Parent Trap, and 1995 Olsen twin movie, It Takes Two. Probably to comply with Netflix algorithm protocols.

Still, strong audience ratings were strong enough to propel a sequel – The Princess Switch: Switched Again – scheduled for this year’s Holiday season with Hudgens reprising her role and also co-producing. So before Netflix release the follow-up, there’s plenty of time for you to enjoy the 1st. The Princess Switch may feel like the common Festive romance flick in places but balances the conventions well enough to sustain attention. Which it merits.

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2. Angela’s Christmas (2017)

Exerting Irish author Frank McCourt’s Pulitzer-winning book “Angela and the Baby Jesus” who himself was inspired by an old story his mother Angela used to treat him and his brother Malachy McCourt to: In 1914 – Limerick, Ireland – young, lovely and virtuous Angela sets her sights on making sure everyone close to her feels special, cherished, and wanted so they can savor the Christmas festivities with her.

The first release in November 2017, saw Angela’s Christmas received nominations at the Emile Awards and Irish Film and Television Awards. Again, in 2019, it received Daytime Emmy nominations for actress Ruth Negga (Mother), writers Damien O’ Connor and Will Collins, and Steven Maher (re-recording mixer).

Whether you’re a solo viewer or looking for a suitable family gathering, Angela’s Christmas is a breathtaking adventure. Awe-inspiring and certain to cockle the hearts of even the harshest critic during the Holidays. It could be said, this is Netflix’s answer to animated British masterwork, The Snowman (1984).

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1. Klaus (2019)

The ominous storyline that was: An alternating version of Saint Nicholas of Myra set in the 19th century. In far north town Smeerensburg, postman Jesper, and withdrawn toymaker, Klaus’ newfound friendship thaws an overdrawn quarrel that sets trusted seasonal routines in motion.

Surprise success Klaus probably has Netflix executives feeling rather smug. Producers for the movie began shopping the first teaser for the project back in April 2015. Most major studios rejected it, marking the project as “too risky”. All hope seemed lost, until, finally, in November 2017, Netflix procured the rights. Since its 2019 release, Klaus advanced on a winning streak receiving the BAFTA for Best Animated Feature Film. Also, 7 Annies at the animation industries cherished Annie Awards.

Dir. Sergio Pablos reelected on how Netflix executives gave him creative notes during production. Unlike other studios however, their notes were opinions to merely encourage the creative process. NOT instructional.

Though released theatrically last year, it was announced how nearly 40 million Netflix subscribers watched Klaus in the first four weeks on the platform in January 2020. Sometimes, ‘hype is just, well, hype’. Not in this case. Klaus is a film already featuring on critics ‘great films’ lists. We’re not surprised. This sweet and tender adventure takes the audience gently by the hand. We recommend you see it for yourselves to understand why.

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