11 Funny Christmas Movies to Bust Your Gut

Mince pies. Snowballs. Intruders. Nut-roast. and… Mistletoe. Five elements to trigger hilariously calamitous events at Christmas… or in Funny Christmas Movies!

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It wouldn’t be the holidays without impatient children ravenously opening their presents. Or adults after one to many drinks at an office party. Countless mishaps arise over the Holiday season – happening to so many in a careless attempt to hit-or-miss funny scenes out of their favourite festive movies.

If you’re on the lookout for new comedy delights to add to your screening calendar, we’ve assembled a “Funny Christmas movie” list to get you in the Christmas spirit ranging from recent years to classics from Hollywood’s heyday. With so many deserving titles at our disposal, we were spoilt for choice, but could only focus on in 11 for our selection. Titles such as:

Holiday in Handcuffs (2007) featuring in ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas programming block. Starring Melissa Joan Hart as a determined artist and working waitress who kidnaps one of her customers to parade as her Christmas lover to her parents.

Main character Ernest P. Worrell helping St. Nick search for a suitable successor in Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)

Milla Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn rebelling against their own overbearing mothers whilst living with the pressures of the season in A Bad Moms Christmas (2017)

Whether you’re Home Alone during the run-up for the hell of it or looking for something suitable for a huge family gathering on the big day, coming up for you are 11 Funny Christmas movie recommendations to treat yourself during the Holidays. Stick around to see what we chose. Also you can get your Christmas laughs with all of our movies & tv.

11. Mixed Nuts (1994)

An early example writer/director Nora Ephron. Only this time co-writer with sister Delia Ephron, beginning on Christmas Day: Ex-con Felix avoiding his pregnant spouse Gracie. Chasing him down the street, Felix accidentally runs into a few rollerbladers carrying a festive tree.

Previous releases – Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally – audiences were excited about what Nora’s next film was. Only, the mid-90s release Mixed Nuts bombed at the box office – leaving plenty of fans and critics alike disappointed. But it was enough to persuade a sought-after cast – Steve Martin, Juliette Lewis, Adam Sandler, Rita Wilson – to work with the Nephron sisters, reminding audiences of their swift writing know-how.

Adopted from early 80’s French comedy, ‘Le Père Noël Est Une Ordure,’ Mixed Nuts provides moderate laughs without taking itself too seriously. All the while, never allowing the players to reach their full potential.

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10. Deck The Halls (2006)

Originally titled All light up, Deck the Halls follows local Massachusetts optometrist and Festive expert Steve Finch (Mathew Broderick) keen for his kids to enjoy the Holidays. Armed with his already winning traditions – Advent calendar, talking Seasonal card with matching sweaters, and a tree. Next-door neighbors, Buddy Hall (Danny Devito) and Tia (Kristen Chenoweth) move on December 1st, where they introduce themselves fully the next day by stealing Steve’s newspaper.

Actress Gilliam Vigman reported most cast members felt mortified and shamefaced during production. Kristen Chenoweth was in the middle of splitting from long-term partner, Aaron Sorkin. Danny Devito sought solitude and only flew in for his scenes to avoid engaging with other cast members. Most Mathew Broderick discovered hidden away on set repeating ‘How can I pick up from here.’ A close friend of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Davis, who plays Broderick’s wife specified getting her eggs frozen.

Similar to reviews, Box office figures weren’t favorable, gaining just over $47million against a $51million budget. With most panned films, audiences gave more forgiving critiques noting average thrills and moderate laughs. Today, Deck the Halls is regularly reviewed during the Holiday season from families.

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9. Four Christmases (2008)

Both coming from neurotic, unstable families, high-flying San Francisco couple, Brad and Kate (Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon), long decided not to have children – or to marry. For Christmas break, they agree to avoid gathering with their families and pursue charitable work in Fiji. Only when they arrive at the airport, the huge fog blizzard forces them to rearrange and plan again. With no better options, Brad and Kate agree to visit both parents and their new partners.

Receiving mixed reviews, it’s miraculous Four Christmas was ever completed. Swaying producers, Vince Vaughn hired Seth Gordon to rearrange the script into a more conventional ‘three-act structure’ similar to his documentary, The King of Kong. With the burgeoning 2007/2008 Writers Guild of America strike, no script restructuring could take place

Overall, Four Christmases is a staple Holiday flick but charms with its family audience bearings. Not forgetting the first-rate chemistry Vince Vaughn and Resse Witherspoon share on-screen.

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8. Office Christmas Party (2016)

Ensemble cast – Kate McKinnon, Jennifer Aniston Olivia Munn, Jason Bateman, T.J. Miller – lead this festive comedy. Zenotech CTO Josh Parker meets with lawyer Ezra to finalize a divorce – perfectly timed for a clean break to start the Holidays with. Sadly, Zenotech has failed to reach quarterly targets. With pressure from interim CEO, Carol threatens to cancel plans for the annual Christmas party, cut bonuses, oh, and to make 40% of staff jobless.

Office Christmas Party received favorable returns at the box office with $114.5million against a $45million shoot budget. Not bad for unfavorable reviews. It is riddled with general Seasonal film cliches but is enjoyable if you give yourself over.

Dir. Josh Gordon admitted to creating the character, Carol Vanstone, just so Jennifer Aniston could take part. He stated she shows no fear when playing bothersome people in comedies. She prefers a challenge, only to push herself further every time.

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7. The Night Before (2015)

A festive-themed stoner comedy co-produced and starring Seth Rogan. Could we expect more?
Sticking with the pact they agreed on years ago, Isaac Greenburg and Christ Roberts decide to spend every Christmas Eve party with their other best friend Chris Roberts. This year the trio hunt down the exclusive Nutcracker Ball in New York City. Many claim it as the ultimate of all Christmas festivities.

Dir. Jonathan Levine admitted most of The Night Before’s comedy happened spontaneously. The script guided only the dramatic moments. The cast took even this as a rough outline. Very impressive considering how organic the film feels.

The Night Before, for the most part, satires people in the public eye, poking fun at themselves and taking a break from taking themselves too seriously for Christmas. At various points, they reach out and invite you to join in the laughter.

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6. All I Want For Christmas (1991)

Younger child stars – Thora Birch, Ethan Embray – mix with older Hollywood icons – Lauren Bacall, Renee Taylor – in this early 90s rom-com. New York kids, Ethan Randall and Hallie, hatch a plan to get what they most desire over this Holiday season: to have their mom and dad reconcile and bring their once loving family back together. Younger sibling Hallie takes matters seriously by asking Santa Claus for help.

With adorable appearances from Thora Birch and comedy legend Leslie Neilsen, All I Want Christmas is a tricky film to take your eyes away.

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5. Get Santa (2014)

Also one you should keep ready for the holidays: Days before Christmas, former getaway driver Steve Anderson is released from prison with his parole office reminding him to keep a tab on parole meetings to avoid a prison re-entry. Returning home, his son greets him over the phone, only to inform him – Santa was found nestled in the family shed, hiding from the police.

Within four years, Get Santa is the second film to feature Jim Broadbent as Santa. The first was Arthur Christmas, where he provided vocals for his role for the animated feature. A chance fluke has Broadbent’s character also receiving help from a ‘Steve’ to accomplish his duties over Christmas.

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4. The Holiday (2006)

During pre-production, dir. Nancy Meyers penned the script with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black in mind for the lead roles. Many critics considered the film too long considering her previous efforts, Something’s Gotta Give and What Women Want – also lacking the meaningful vibrancy they had.

Regardless, grossing over $205millon against an $85million budget, The Holiday makes most of their ‘nit-picking’ seem unfounded. Many TV networks screen The Holiday which helps uphold its cult-classic status for mainstay seasonal rom-com choice for everyone to enjoy. An impressive performance considering a relatively short space of time.

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3. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Based on her book – taking influence from Jane Austen’ Pride and Prejudice – Helen Fielding wrote the screenplay with help from comedy screenwriting mastermind, Richard Curtis, and BBC mainstay screenwriter, Andrew Davies: Determined for romance, single 32-year-old Bridget Jones keeps a tab on the intricacies, mishaps, and wishes, committing them in her diary. After getting nowhere with her attractive boss Daniel Cleaver, Bridget’s life quickly switches paths when two men contend for her liking.

Bridget Jones Diary is another small-time British comedy film that unexpectedly took the world by storm and still entertains people today as a modern British Pop Culture icon. Why not join in to see what you’ve missed out on if you haven’t?

In preparation for the lead, Renee Zellweger worked at a British publishing house for a month, while gaining 25 pounds to suit her character and adopting a stereotypical posh English accent. None of these measures seem to raise suspicion.

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2. We’re No Angels (1955)

Three inmates escape from Devil’s Island prison in French Guiana – just in time for Christmas. Arriving in French colonial coast town, they steal supplies to keep them going on their next voyage. They fake fixing the roof of the Ducotel family, who takes them in. Soon they realize, their financial assets aren’t sufficient enough for their needs. After enjoying the Doucotel’s hospitality over Christmas, the three inmates decided to really help them.

Remade in 1989 by David Mamet with Robert De Niro and Sean Penn sharing lead responsibilities. However, both films share very little in the way of plot. Only similar themes. This original has Classical Hollywood stars Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov, and Aldo Ray to lead this 50s comedy crime romance. Fortunately, they each leave enough room for you to share with others in this very entertaining storyline.

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1. Trading Places (1983)

A fantastic accelerator in Eddie Murphy’s early career and useful opening for Jamie Lee-Curtis to shrug off her ‘Scream Queen’: Trading Places tells of a snooty upper-class investor and broker crossing paths with a penniless hustler. Both their lives alter radically when they are subject to an experiment by two heartless millionaires – how will they fair when swapping lives for an indeterminate period.

Dir. John Landis remained defiant against studio executives when assembling his vision. Thankfully for us the viewing public, he did. During pre-production, Landis supported Jamie Lee-Curtis for her role even with pressure from studio executives to find a replacement. Writers Timothy Harris and Hershel Weingrod planned Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder to star in the lead roles. When Pryor left the project, Landis invited newcomer Eddie Murphy to join. Fearing audiences would suspect he was just a substitute for Pryor, Murphy tried his best to get Wilder replaced. Landis eventually did by hiring Dan Aykroyd.

Response to the recent protests and sentiment in the USA forced many broadcasters wanting to screen the film to place a disclaimer to forewarn audiences likely to find the films’ outdated attitudes towards language and cultural imitations disgusting. However, Trading Places is an all-time comedy great featured in many ‘Great Christmas films’ and ‘Great Comedy film’ lists that you should watch over the Holidays.

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